Take 2


There I was, plugging along.  I thought I had figured out this pattern. It was making sense, I was anticipating, and then it happened. I looked down at the pattern and it bore no resemblance to what was on my needles. Even worse, I couldn’t figure out a way to fudge it, and I hate frogging so much that I will almost always come up with some way to fudge a goof.   Rip. Rip. Rip.

This time I’ll be more female and pay more attention to the directions.

2 thoughts on “Take 2

  1. Kaele

    Is ripping as bad as having to work with kinky yarn after you get started again? I always disliked that about cross-stitching! It was a constant reminder that I messed up! 😉

    Well, that was an encouraging comment, wasn’t it? Happy Knitting! 😛

  2. Beth

    Oh my word….I try to fudge too. I generally just make things worse and end up having to frog. It just about kills my DD11 to watch me frog. 🙂

    I love looking at all your WIPs. I am not a fearless knitter as I haven’t even tried cables yet.


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