Lots of exciting things are in the works. My Pomotomous socks are coming along swimmingly, thanks to an extended visit with the lovely folks at the DMV. I am in awe of Cookie A…how someone comes up with this sort of lace pattern and morphs it into sock form is beyond me. It’s genius, I tell you.

Harriet’s Posies is also coming along, though a bit slowly during the week, as there’s all that edjamakatin’ of the chillins to git done with.


But I love it.  Love. It.

And last but not least, I want to share with you some exciting business news.  Some of you may know that I knit on commission and create items for sale, and that I work with a group of very talented and gracious ladies.  We have redesigned our website, and I invite you to look around and especially to sign up for the mailing list, as there will be several drawings for some really neat prizes.  Cathe is giving away a wall quilt that is so cute I am tempted to come up with an alias and flood the mailing list in hopes of being drawn.  I think she’d figure me out, though.

We are launching on eBay on January 14. Look for The Guild for beautifully designed, high-quality clothing, quilts, and knit and crocheted items. We’ll be on etsy.com as well, and fun things are planned.  Get on the mailing list to be sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Here’s a teaser…


Look for the rest on January 14!

2 thoughts on “Teasers

  1. knitoneblogtwo Post author

    OH, Beck, I love your confidence and encouragement! It IS that yarn, but it is not that thing…I am still many moon pies from making that gorgeous tunic for myself. But the day is surely coming!!!


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