I can almost smell the salt in the air…

It’s January and the freezing point is looking rather toasty, but this fiber makes me think of a warm beach…


My friend bought it for me to spin and knit an as yet unidentified something for one of her children.


The way the whitish silver fiber blended in with the bright colors gave it a denim sort of look…


Sea Waves…about 85 yards.

Sean surprised me with a request for thick wool socks. It is officially The First Handknit requested by my husband.  I started them yesterday. I’m knitting them in KSU purple and white and hoping to get them finished by the next televised basketball game.  Go ‘Cats!

I finished knitting the Rodney yarn and it made a nice sized piece for a bag.  I need to find the perfect chunky button and stitch up the sides and then it’s ready for use. I’m pondering a no-purl version of the Monkey socks with some of my Christmas yarn, but I daren’t start that project before hubby’s size 14s are appropriately toasty so I have some time to keep on pondering.

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