Ending the year on a good note

Last night I finished Ellie’s hat made from Yarn #2.  I used needles that were way too small, so the hat is very dense.  I would bet money that they might even be waterproof.  I think she likes it.


This morning I also finished up the first pair of socks I’ve knit for myself.  I am wearing them right now and I love them.  I think I’ll wear them for the rest of the year.


The on-me shot is not so hot, but here’s proof that they fit:


I’m thinking about making a project bag out of the colored handspun in the post below. It’s really sad…I keep thinking of options for using it, but it has to be something I’ll see or use a lot…I can’t bear to think of that yarn being buried for months and months on end.  But before I dive into that project, I think I’ll spend some time spinning. There’s a lovely blue/green/ silver/purple batt calling my name.


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