My Christmas Knitting is Done

Yup.  It’s done.  Really.  I had thoughts about trying to whip up a little something for each of the kidlets before Dec 25th, but Sean put the kabosh on that idea and said enough is enough.  So I’m done.  Unfortunately, I can’t post pictures of the last projects because the recipients might see.  I wonder what the chances are of me starting Christmas knitting a bit earlier next year?  Maybe in June?

So, now that my gift knitting is done, what do you think I’m doing now?


I am making my first project from some gorgeous Lorna’s Laces (colorway: Ravenswood) that my parents gave me for Christmas!  (No, I didn’t cheat…we celebrated Christmas with them last week 😉 ) The pattern is called Monkey and can be found for free right here. LOTS of fun!

Katie is working on her first hat using Bev’s Basic Hat pattern.  It was the first hat pattern I used, too.  It is knit as a flat piece and then seamed up the side.  What she doesn’t know is that her next hat can be knit on her very first pair of circular needles, currently sitting under the tree.  Yippee!


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