Make it or break it Saturday

Today is a big one…today determines whether or not I will have to retrench in regards to the Christmas knitting.  (Jane Austen fans can enjoy replaying in their minds the “retrench” scene from Amanda Root’s version of Persuasion:  “RETRENCH!?  SURELY NOT!”)

 I am armed with my DVD library (and I’ll have to use the laptop for playing movies until the little ones stop their weekly SpongeBob absorption), a pot of hot coffee, and a smooshy chair.  And a blanket.  It’s cold in here.

Tonight Sean is taking the girlies on a date for dinner and to see The Nutcracker, so I think the wee menfolk and I will hunker down in the TV room with some sort of guyish actiony LOTR-or-something-like-it movie and order pizza for dinner.

Must. Not. Retrench.


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