Finishing is hard work


She’s on the home stretch.  MYA would tell you she’s been working on this scarf for decades.  (Yes, I know she’s 8…what’s your point?)


Look at those tendons a’ snappin’ as she binds off.  She’s doing it right, too, by binding off in pattern.  I’m so proud.




The lucky recipient. He never nagged her about when the scarf would be done.  Not once. Uh huh…suuure.


Finishing is hard work.  It’ll wipe a girl right out. It’ll make her fall asleep in her parents’ bed while reading Calvin & Hobbes (book removed for photographic purposes).

I bet she’s dreaming of her next project.

3 thoughts on “Finishing is hard work

  1. chimu2

    I was impressed by Katie’s hard work and it’s lovely!
    I can’t believe she is only 8!
    How lucky Jonathan is!


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