I’m sitting in a fluffy sweater layered over another shirt, a heavy denim skirt, with leggings on my legs, and thick socks on my feet.  I’ve been covered with yarn at least half the day and my older daughter has done her best to warm the house by baking chocolate chip cookies.  I’m still freezing.

I used to think fingerless gloves were silly.  I’m pretty sure I even blogged about it within the last month or two. I’m rethinking. I’m going to call it maturing…that may be why I’m so stinking cold, after all.

I did come up with a project to replace the girly-hat for a Christmas present, but I’m not going to post pics yet…I think I’m afraid I’ll jinx it.  Plus, if I don’t get that project done in time, no one will be the wiser. I’m splitting my time between that project and the Fair Isle skirt. My children are so used to seeing me knitting during their lessons that I think they’ll be in shock should they ever go to college and see an instructor standing at the front of the class without needles in hand.  Poor kids.

Back to work…18 knitting days until Christmas, you know.


6 thoughts on “I’m FREEZING

  1. rachel

    You aren’t making me wnat to come visit. I think it is supposed to be 80 today.

    I was talking about being cold the other day(when it wasn’t 80) and someone told me that they had been getting colder lately too and wondered if that was something that happened in your 30’s and i was like…mmm I have been this way for a while…oh wait I am 36 maybe it has just been in the last 6 years…heehee


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