Frenzy Report

Someone informed me that my knitting blog is feeling sad and neglected.  We can’t have that.

The Knit Frenzy has produced several FOs.  I can’t describe much for fear of giving away information that ought not to be given away at this time of year, so a mini-parade will have to suffice.


This one’s knitted with 2 strands of yarn held together to make it mosty toasty.



The purple headscarf is also done. Why don’t I have a picture of that in its finished state?  Hmmm.

Then there’s this hat:



It started out being for one person, but by the time I was finished with it, it was clear it would not suit that person at all, but was perfect for another person on my list.  I’m working on my flexibility, you see.

There’s a lovely stack of hats sitting on my bench now…I wonder if the house elves will suddenly find themselves liberated before I get them wrapped/packaged?

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