Good things

Jared Flood’s Koolhaas hat is a very good thing. 


It is a good thing not least because it inspired me to learn something brand spankin’ new: making cables without a cable needle.  I’m indebted to my fellow Ravelry-ers for the tip…I had no idea such a trick existed.  It definitely lessens the almost overpowering feeling that I don’t have nearly enough hands to cable efficiently. It also makes me more excited about making more Unoriginal Hats.  Thank you, Stephanie, for this one…I love this pattern.  I’m branching out this time, from “flame” (although more of those are coming) to this:


It’s the “Jungle” colorway from Manos del Uruguay.  This yarn is wonderful.  Love. It. Definitely a good thing.

Another good thing: I discovered my “blankie” from childhood. I rescued it from a box in the basement, washed it, and have no idea what to do with it.  I discovered, though, that it is KNIT!  I suspect hand knit.  I think that comfort item, used daily for 12 years of snuggling and thumb-sucking  (Yes, I said 12 years.  No, I’m not in therapy.) must have imprinted itself on my brain.  Knitting=good.  Hand knit=comfort.  Gifts of knitted items=worthy of at least 12 years of grateful behavior, including but not limited to thumb-sucking.  I need to take a picture. Of the blankie.

My Knit Frenzy List is getting longer, not shorter…how does THAT happen??? (No, I am not sucking my thumb at this fact.)

4 thoughts on “Good things

  1. sodbusters

    I sucked my thumb for 13 years. Didnt kill me either. 😉
    I had a quilted humpty dumpty blanket though. That hat looks comfy and warm.


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