Working off the pumpkin pie…

What a week, what a week.  Thanksgiving was at our house this year, which was a wonderful thing.  We got to host the family AND had great motivation to get some tidying up done.  I will say only this: Never, never, never again will there be un-tubbed or uncanned food in the basement pantry.  Ever.

So here we are, on the turkey sammich side of Thanksgiving, and the Knit Frenzy is on.  Yesterday I finished the two soakers.


As promised, I did soaker #2 The Right Way.  The adjustment wasn’t bad, although I can now understand why some people avoid the purl stitch like the plague.  I had a few tension issues (turns out I was purling more loosely than I was knitting) but I can knit blind correctly now. I feel so much better when I’m not twitching.  But here’s the deal: there’s really not much difference in looks.  That’s comforting, too.

This skirt, however, must be finished The Wrong Way.  (But that’s okay, remember?  You can’t tell!)


I figured out another new trick last night: Color Knitting with Both Hands.  Boy, oh, boy does that make Fair Isle easier.  I hold the predominant color in my left hand, like one-color knitting, and carry the other color in my right hand.  No more tangles.  The tension is more even, too.  This is one reason I love knitting…you can always learn a new or better way to do something. 

This is another reason:


Knit Picks has this eye candy on the back of their recent catalog. It’s been sitting on or near my Thanksgiving to-do list since it came.  Looky at all that delicious sock yarn.  It’s just so purty.

And finally, I’m not sure I could have asked for a better day to continue the Knit Frenzy than today:


This morning I woke up to our first snow cover of the year.  It’s chilly, it’s Saturday, and there are football games on TV.  I would say “Christmas came early” but I’m not ready for Christmas!

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