I knit using the Confunded Method

I did something today I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time.  I went to www.knittinghelp.com and looked to see what particular method I use to knit and purl.  Bad bad bad idea.

You see, when I taught myself to knit, I thought I learned the English or American Method.  While easy to learn, my short stubby fingers made it so I had to drop my right needle to wrap the yarn for every single stitch.  That took some of the fun, I must admit.  It also made my wrists hurt.

So one dark and stormy night I decided I was going to figure out how to knit and purl using the Continental Method.  As far as I realized at that point, it just meant that I would hold the yarn in my left hand and do what I’d been doing using the other method.  It took some practice, and now that’s my natural way to go.  It’s quick, it looks nice, it doesn’t hurt.

Some friends on a message board were talking about the different methods and so I went to have a look see.  Oh boy.  Turns out my method is not even true Combined Knitting which is a nice way of saying Mutt Knitting, as you borrow from both English and Continental Methods.  My method is something other.  I’m thinking Confunded might be a good term.

“Who cares?” you say.  “Big whoop!  It’s quick, it looks nice, and your hands don’t hurt!” 

I know.  But still.  It’s Wrong.  I hate that.  I can be all sorts of rebellious about patterns and gauges and yarns, but method?  Can’t do it.

I’m finishing up a soaker (the wrong way…twitch…shudder) and the second one she ordered is going to be done The Right Way.  Straight up Continental.  I have a few other projects that will need to be finished the wrong way, too, but after that, I’m a reformed girl.  I will knit correctly.  My increases and decreases will be perfect and lean exactly the way they are supposed to.  I will do it The Right Way. 

And I’ll stop twitching.


8 thoughts on “I knit using the Confunded Method

  1. knitoneblogtwo Post author

    And Rachel, the difference does not even show for 95% of what you will ever knit in your whole life, AND, it will be easy to make the switch. I promise. I’ll show you. That is, IF you can bring yourself to trust me as a teacher again. 😉


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