It called to me…


This glorious yarn (Manos del Uruguay, colorway: Flame) from the yarn shop hop haul kept calling out to me: “How can you let me sit here?  I’m fabulous!  Don’t you want to run me through your fingers?  Can you just IMAGINE how gorgeous I’ll be worked into something???”

OK, I thought, I’ll just wind it into a ball. 

Whatever.  It is very persuasive, this yarn.

So I can now share with you a rendition of the Yarn Harlot’s Unoriginal Hat. Free pattern!  Go to it!!! Make seven of your own!


This one is destined for a gift exchange on a message board I frequent.  I think she’ll like it.  It’s actually red, not pink.  Must. Learn. Photo Editing.


3 thoughts on “It called to me…

  1. Kaele

    That is very pretty! The hat almost looks like it has straps on it? Or…have you learned how to do the braids down the side? 😉 Those can be fun!

    Are you at all worried that yarn is talking to you? It might be time to seek help! 😉

  2. knitoneblogtwo Post author

    Those are called cables, and they are worked as part of the hat…nothing gets added later. They are lots of fun!

    Yes, I’m a little worried. I think more yarn might help. 😉


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