Yarn Shop Hop Report

We had a BLAST.  It was such a good time.  There was a lot of chatting…some silly, some serious.  Here’s a brief overview:


Go time!  We headed out the driveway at about 10am. Katie was well equipped for the day: glittery purse full of money, WIP, and Caleb, her infinitesimal toy dog.  She’s in Katie’s left hand.  Yes, I referred to Caleb as a girl.  All questions and comments about the name may be addressed to: Lunatic Eight Year Old Girl.



First stop, Twist.  This store is new since this summer, and it is WONDERFUL.  Nice people work there, nice people hang out and knit there…it’s just lovely.  Katie immediately found some yarn she loved, and the very swamped but very gracious owner offered to wind it for her while we waited.  This turned out to be a trickier propostition than it looked to be.  The hank of yarn was unruly and tangly.  She offered to work on it while we went on the rest of our Hop and come pick it up on the way home…isn’t that sweet?  More on this later…


Stop #2: The Heritage Hut.  This shop is famous for the enormous dog that keeps the owner company during the day…very friendly, but not immediately appealing to little children.  The pup was nowhere in sight this morning, which is too bad.  I like it.  I found some yarn here that I needed (it’s for the boys, really, so it’s not even like I was buying it for myself, right?  Right?), and Katie decided to collect the second pair of her Very Own Wooden Knitting Needles.  Size 10.  They’ll come in handy.


The first two stops were on our home turf.  The next two were new ground.  Frontier.  Exploration.  Did I mention how incredibly fun this was?  The Beadery is up a ways north, in a neat town…this shop was too cool.  It had one section all beading supplies (and NICE ones!), one part was a bookstore, and the other part was chock full of gorgeous yarn.  And as if that wasn’t enough, it opened into a neighboring deli/market.  So you could shop, bead, read, snack, and get ingredients for dinner in one cute spot.  That is efficiency, my friends.  Katie found the uber-girliest discofabulous yarn in the store.  She really did. She has a nose for the genre.


Being genteel and ladylike for hours takes its toll.  We needed sustenance.  Katie picked Fazoli’s.  Think she enjoyed it?


Stop #4: Yarn.  That’s the name.  Katie thought it was hilarious.  She also thought it was more appropriate to bark the name rather than speak it in soft, melodious tones.  YARN!  What a cool shop, and some of the friendliest people around.  They also carry handpainted yarn by a local artist that was astoundingly beautiful.  I was this close to bringing some home.  I restrained myself. But I now have a coupon, so if I stop restraining myself and feel like an hour’s drive, I am all over it. Katie and I each found a little somethin’ somethin’ there.  We also decided we needed to transform some of our beading supplies into stitch markers…we saw some beautiful ones there.

We headed for home and stopped again at Twist to pick up Katie’s first purchase.  Katie had been slightly bummed that she wasn’t going to be able to watch the winding process, but I assured her we’d have another chance another (less busy) day. So on our return, the owner greeted us and when we asked if she’d had a chance to wind the yarn, she said “No!  It can’t be done!  This is the third hank I’ve tried and this yarn is a tangly mess!” Apparently, the way they prepared it for shipment to the stores made it nigh on impossible to unravel the hank and put it on a yarn baller. She was sending the whol mess back to the company.  Did I say the owner was sweet?  She is SO sweet.  She told us she was going to give us the tangled mess if we wanted it, and she’d either refund our money or let Katie pick something else out of the store that she wanted.  Katie found a replacement.  To Katie’s joy, the owner (I have got to learn her name!) asked her if she’d like the yarn wound.  And THEN (gasp, joy, thrill!) she showed Katie how to do it and let her wind her own yarn All By Herself. Katie was thrilled.  So was I…this is a marketable skill!  Put that on the resume!

We finally returned home and spread out the take:


Katie’s haul.  Do you sense a theme?  Pink, pink, pink…I tell you, she has a nose for it. She intends the top left for hats for Ellie and herself, the top right for all sorts of things (needs a bit of narrowing down those options, methinks), the free tangly yarn (watch and see if I don’t untangle that!) on the bottom left, and her discofabulous uber-girlie yarn is on the bottom right and is intended for scarfdom. Her new needles are there, too.


My haul!  My picture does not do justice to these beauties. From left to right: future headscarf, future hat, and future gloves/mittens for the boys.  I wish you could see the variences in the color on the right two hanks.  They’re dyed from lighter to darker…so gorgeous.


Goodies!  Three of the four yarn shops gave away gifts to all the Yarn Shop Hoppers. We got some neat and useful samples of wool cleaner, stitch markers, tape measures, foot cream (in which Katie told me she has no interest so I can have hers…hee hee), coupons, a coin purse or stich marker holder, and assorted other goodies.  What a fun aspect of the day!

I learned this is the first of what is planned to be an annual event.  Hooray!  Maybe next year we’ll plan well and get to all of them.


8 thoughts on “Yarn Shop Hop Report

  1. Cathy-Cate

    Your eight-year-old is still willing, nay happy, to be photographed, it looks like! My nine-year-old daughter puts up with it, and my twelve-year-old daughter is suddenly camera-shy. Except when it’s her idea, of course.
    Looks like an awesomely fun day!

  2. Barbara

    LOL about the dog…the used bookstore here has a HUGE white poodle (think Suffles but white) that the boys steer VERY clear of

    nice yarn haul for both of you….which one is for my headwarmer 😉

  3. KateCoffe

    What a fun day. Katie appears to be the perfect partner in crime. And you had good weather too.

    Next year maybe you can hire a driver and knit on the way, hitting all the shops. Or better yet come out here for the NYS SHEEP & WOOL show.


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