Location, location, location…

I was thinking this morning about some of the places I’ve found to knit, and I thought I’d start a list.

The Normal Places

every seat in the house

the passenger’s seat in many vehicles

Ladies’ Craft night locations

The Slightly Less Normal

Parking lots


Doctors’ offices


Labor and Delivery Room (not MY labor and delivery, mind you…)

Sunday School

Movie theaters (I will remember to my dying day the 5+ hours I waited in line for seats for the midnight showing of Star Wars Episode 3, knitting amidst Wookiees, stormtroopers, Padmes, Leias and more Darth Vaders than I could shake a lightsaber at.)

The Not Recommended

In the drivers’ seat (Well, I wasn’t really driving…much.  The traffic was stopped due to construction.  “Inching along” would be too generous a term for how slowly we were going.  I think I finished a dishcloth on that trip.)

Stranded on a mountain, at 12,000+ ft, while the rainclouds roll in, at dusk, next to a van whose transmission just went kerplooey.

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