Oh, dear

Ravelry did it again.  I saw an amazing sweater on the site and clicked once, twice…and POOF.  Another item on the “I gotta knit this” list. I’m envisioning a higher neck, long sleeves, and no sparkles…something like the blue sweater second from the top. I love the lace panel and I’m intrigued by “fit as you go.”

I had the opportunity to try out my Calorimetry this morning, and it was lovely.  I hardly noticed it was there, and yet my earsies stayed toasty.  Wool is a wonderful thing.  I made another version of it:


This time I actually followed the directions.  It does happen, once in a while. The next one needs to be MYA-sized.  The pitiful looks are wearing me down.  “But don’t you think I NEED one, Mom???”

The cardigan is done except for the seaming, blocking and end-hiding, and I cast on the matching skirt, so that project is still going strong.  Pictures will come when I have some interesting fair isle parts done.

And now, a question: aside from being stylish in some circles, what is the practical use/appeal for fingerless gloves?  When my hands are cold, my fingers are the coldest parts. What say you?


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