Well, that was fun.

I got to practice knitting rule #14: When necessary, wing it.  I flagrantly disobeyed knitting rule #3 (Knit a gauge swatch, dingbat), and realized that if I continued in pattern, this headband was going to become a hood.  So, this one isn’t symmetrical along the length, but I put the curve on the front half so it covers more ears and less pony tail.  I’ve got some other hand dyed yarn I’m going to use for another go at this. MYA thinks she needs one, too, and it’s a quick knit.

My souvenir scarf is finished and I’m attempting steam blocking for the first time. We’ll see how that goes.  I had just enough of that yarn left over to put a little bit in the headband, which is mostly made of Lamb’s Pride Worsted by Brown Sheep Co.  They make good yarn. The other blurbs of pink and teal are from some scrap yarn…Lion Wool and Knit Picks Andes, I think.  They promised to play nicely together.


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