MYA’s FO & a cardigan update

She’s still looking peaked, but here’s the lastest from My Young Apprentice.  She’s all about casting off.


Actually, she’s all about casting on, too, thanks to her friend Kristen, who taught her this mad skill while Katie was staying with them last week.  MYA is itching to practice her new skill by casting on another project, but in a classic case of “do as I say, not as I do,” I’m making her finish her brother’s scarf before starting in on anything new.  I don’t want her to suffer from knitting ADD like her mother.  It’s a loving thing I’m doing.  Really.

Cardigan update:


The body is finished, and one buttonband is done.  I’m waiting for the commissioner to get back to me about buttons, and then this baby will be seamed, blocked, ends tied/woven, and put in the history books…or, on the shelf until the skirt is done to match.

Katie and Jonathan have already informed me that they need fair isle sweaters similar to this.  Not want.  Need.  I told them to get in line.


Perspective is cool.

And, oh, that pesky internet has done it again.  As soon as I can find the yarns I want to use up from my stash, I am making this cool headband thing to wear when I go running.  My earsies get cold, you see, and it just looks like a fun way to use up some straggly ends of yarn.


7 thoughts on “MYA’s FO & a cardigan update

  1. Mrs. Heidmann

    Oh to live somewhere cold enough to NEED such a cute warmie ear thingummy.

    “Knitting ADD” –lol! I have that with crochet. It’s ridiculous how many “in progress” projects are in my basket.

  2. rachel

    snazzy scarf Katie and if that sweater weren’t purple it would be PERFECT!!!! I think I “need” one too…maybe I “need’ to learn to knit better

  3. Cathe

    I don’t need a sweater. Well, I do, but I don’t want to impose. I’ll take one of those ear warmer things off your hands, though. Maybe it will inspire me to run.


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