Yarn shop fun

This is my fellow sock knitter in front of the local yarn shop, Kris (or Chris?  How did I manage to get on a first name basis with someone and have no idea how to spell her name?).  Kris and I managed to meet here both times I visited the shop and had lovely chats.  She’s showing the raglan sweater pattern she’s making for a granddaughter.  She told me her last big project had been a red washable wool hoodie complete with zipper and pockets!  She is my kind of adventurous!


And here are the lovelies Sean got for me to take home:


Jitterbug Copperbeach by Colinette…sock yarn for ME.  I love it…spun and dyed in Wales, from what the shop owner said, so the dye pattern is very unique.  And it’s soft.  AND it’s machine washable merino wool.  Doesn’t get much better. I’m not sure what sock pattern I’m going to use yet, but I’m leaning towards Knitty’s Monkey or SoySilk’s Tidal Wave.


Nature’s Spectrum, Iris Garden, Brown Sheep Co.  100% wool.  This is also for me…a scarf to go with my hunter green wool coat.  The greens don’t show up well in my picture, but it’s going to be a perfect match.  I’m thinking about a variation on this bias scarf pattern.

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