Dodging the frog


The sock has been rescued.  One of the lace holes is going to be a touch larger than it should be, but that’s acceptable.  I’m not entering these in the State Fair or anything…I just want full initiation into the Lace Sock Club. (Is there such a club?  Shouldn’t there be?)

I still like this pattern, although the pattern calls for a much longer heel than I’ve ever done before.  I’m curious to see how it feels!

I brought the sock to the meetings yesterday and putzed along steadily.  On my way out of the room for a bathroom break, I noticed a partially knit sock on the registration table…how about that!  When I came back from the little girls’ room, the knitter of said sock was there and I made a new friend.  We compared socks and patterns and she was using an AMAZING sock yarn. I saw her later at the local yarn store and we talked and felt sock yarn like old cronies.  I love knitting.  It’s a wonderful way for an introvert to make friends.

I trekked to The Needle Nook yesterday afternoon and I have found some lovelies that might get to come home with me…


5 thoughts on “Dodging the frog

  1. ~*~ Jennifer ~*~

    Are you going back Sunday for the yarn tasting? Sounds… interesting… Ü

    HEY — do they have TAN sock yarn? Are all knitted socks CRAZY colors? What if I’m a TAN kinda girl…can I wear knitted socks, or am I stuck with COSTCO socks that you buy by the truck load?

  2. knitoneblogtwo Post author

    Of COURSE they do, Jennifer! You can find almost any sort of sock yarn…you just have to be willing to pay the price. 😉

    But who are you trying to kid, here? We all know you go for blue knee-highs!


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