What is she DOING?

You’d have thought I’d stripped down and run through the terminal naked… 


Nope.  Just knitting in public.  Yesterday I exercised my TSA-given right to carry on my knitting needles into a secure region of the airport (5″ dpn AND 10″ single points, people!  Tell me MacGyver couldn’t do something with those!). 

 My first Hedera sock was coming along swimmingly.  I stashed it in my purse to bring to an oral ordination exam, and slid one of the needles right out when I pulled it out of my purse.  I managed to keep from wailing in the middle of the prospective pastor’s answer about the Athanasian formula of the Trinity and quietly stashed the sad sock back into my purse.  I have no idea how to save a lace knit piece when a needle is pulled out.  I’ll either figure it out quickly or I’ll have to resort to frogging.  Sniff.


3 thoughts on “What is she DOING?

  1. ~*~ Jennifer ~*~

    Oh my word… you are so much younger that I am. That is an awesome photo Kirky!! You know that?? Look at that cute skirt…

    Oh..about knitting… have no clue what frogging is — but I’m sorry if you have to do it. (I caught that from the tone of your post.)


    Miss ya friend!! Fun to see a recent post… I feel like I’m right there with ya!


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