Welcome, little friends…

I made a wonderful discovery of a brand new yarn shop in my town…close to where I live, even! Whoopie!!! It’s beautiful, the yarns look amazing, and I can’t wait to spend more time (and maybe something else) there.  The reason for my visit was that I was in need of some hardware for a new project.  MY sockies.  The pattern calls for size 1 needles.  I was not the owner of such tiny little needlettes, but now I am.  They’re so dern cute!  And flexible!  I think we shall become fast friends.  The pattern I’m making is here.  The yarn I’m using is the blue grey over in the photo strip.  It’s my first venture into lace socks.

6 thoughts on “Welcome, little friends…

  1. Lara

    Saw you in the “yarn shop” group on Ravelry and just wanted to say hi!

    I’ve knitted those socks and love them! I know a couple other gals in town were knitting them recently.

    Maybe I’ll run into you at the shop someday.

  2. Cathe

    I think it’s really selfish of you to go out of town when I want to talk about knitting. I bought sock yarn the other day!! AND a lot of DP needles on ebay – 5″ long. I am way excited. My longer (7″) needles have been feeling awkward.

    Aren’t you home yet???

  3. Beth

    You are a brave woman! The smallest needles I’ll use for my socks are #3. I just don’t have the patience or doggedness to last a size 11 pair of socks with smaller needles. 🙂


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