FO and Rescued O


Andy’s socks are done.  Whew.  Mark that languishing project OFF the list!

I can also report a “Rescued Object” this morning.  Yesterday, as we sorted through coats, hats and mittens, we discovered that my first set of hand knit mittens was no longer a pair.  One is missing.  There were tears, and believe it or not, they were not mine. My Young Apprentice could not bear the thought of throwing the lone mitten away, so we got creative.


See the amazing transformation from “mitten” to “sleeping bag for teeny tiny dog!”

You do what you must do.

In cardigan news…it’s coming.  The fair isle part of the yoke is progressing.  I think this is the first time for me to fair isle on the purl side. Apparently, I’m not as old a dog as I thought I was.


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