The internet is a dangerous, dangerous thing.

I just got my invitation to be a beta tester for Ravelry.  It is a horribly wonderful site for knitters and crocheters to share what they are working on, what’s in their stash, books they like, patterns they love, journals, groups…LOTS of time could be lost spent there.  It gives each member a “notebook” to keep track of personal info, projects, yarn & other supplies.  If I were truly anal organized, I could put in every needle, hook, and yard of yarn I possess. 

My favorite part is seeing what other people are working on.  Combined with the cooler weather and my colder feet, I’ve been fascinated by all the sock patterns.  They made me want to cast on a new pair, but…


But I have these.  They’ve been languishing for months.  Maybe years.  They were oringinally going to be socks for me, but then I made socks for Katie and Jonathan, so they became Andy’s socks.  I made great progress during one car trip, and then it all came to a screaming halt right before this:


The Heel Flap.  I will confess, I do not enjoy making the heel flap of socks.  It’s dense, it’s easy to goof if you have a mental lapse, and the progress is half as fast as the rest of the sock.  I know…waaaaaaah.  Yes, I would love some cheese with my whine.  I will finish these socks before I start my own.  I will.  Really.  I did the first row of the heel flap this morning…after I dug out the yarn I want to use for MY socks.


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