My young apprentice


She’s lean, she’s mean, she’s the dishcloth queen…

OK, not really (at least the “mean” part).  This is Katie, my young apprentice.  I am instructing her in the ways of the fleece.  She’s a quick study, and after an initial garter stitch project that turned into a scarf for her Mom…


…and a quick tutorial in purling and slipping stitches, she did whip out that dishcloth up there.  If she starts now, and makes one dishcloth a month, she’d have 120ish by the time she was 18.  That’s my idea of making good use of youth.

For her next trick, Katie decided that her oldest brother needed a new scarf.  She spurned my stash and chose to purchase the yarn from her own allowance savings (bwess her wittle heawt), and found a soft acrylic with blues that Jonathan likes.  I know, I know, acrylic…but we’ll get to that lesson later. I couldn’t squash the generous girl in her moment of generousness, could I?

Here is her progress to date:


She’s working a k2p2 rib and doing a marvelous job.  I’m not sure it will be done before the cold weather hits, but I’m learning not to underestimate the girl.

Notice, please, that although I have not converted her to complete yarn snobbery, she has accepted and embraced the superiority of wooden needles. 

That’s my girl.

3 thoughts on “My young apprentice

  1. Sharon

    The scarf for Jonathan is looking great. Did I just mess up his name? Ugh. Sorry!

    Love the blues!

    I am envious of the wooden needles. Jealous. Katie, embrace the wooden needles, hide them, take them as your own.


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