Houston…we have sleeves


I have a dream that one day, I will fully master this camera and photo editing software so that fibers of all colors will exhibit their wonders in perfect harmony.

Also, one day (when I grow up), I will have the courage and confidence to make a sweater that is NOT a seamless yoke.  But, golly, I love this pattern, and for a fair isle yoke, there’s none better.

The seamy underbelly…erm…arm:


I’ve just started the fair isle portion of the yoke (to match the sleeves), and I’m trusting that I’ll be able to work the decreases in such a way that I won’t kerfluffle the whatseemajigger green and sage part.  Planning, schmanning.

So far this piece is still resonating with Last of the Mohicans (why does Magua hate the Grey Hair?)…but today is a day full of promise for a change: college football and baseball playoffs.


5 thoughts on “Houston…we have sleeves

  1. Sean

    When the Grey Hair is dead, Magua will eat his heart. Before he dies Magua will put his children under the knife so the Grey Hair will see his seed is wiped out forever.

  2. Kaele

    We’re hoping for a better football weekend for the Cats (and you!)! 😉

    So, you’re planning on making sweaters for your whole family for Christmas like Mrs. Weasley, right? And you’ll be including extended family too, right? If I find some magic needles for you, will you entertain this more? 😉


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