Jumping in with both feet

I’m a veteran blogger, but I’ve been finding that the knitting has been wanting to take over the other blog.  I like order and I like peace, so an amicable separation seemed wise.  Plus, I’m learning that people who like knitting blogs are not necessarily the same people that enjoy hearing the latest witticisms from my children, and vise versa.  (Although how a person could keep from being fascinated by a four year old’s confessions of booger-picking, I can’t imagine.)

This seems like a better format for sharing patterns and pictures, as well, and ordering (there’s that word again) things the way I like them.  I’m not really that organized, I’m just opinionated and a bit technophobic, so any format that makes this easier for me is a boon.

I’ll upload some pictures as I go, but for now, here’s what’s on the needles:


This autumn deliciousness is one completed and one just-begun sleeve for a circular yoke cardigan I’m making for a friend’s daughter for a Christmas present…it will have a matching fair isle skirt that I am just itching to start, but I will make myself wait until the cardigan is finished.


And this is a kimono for a baby that should have been here yesterday, but I think the mother is determined to savor every lovely bit of the last stage of pregnancy.  Selfish, really…I want to see pictures of the baby!  This kimono is one of the gems in the Mason-Dixon Knitting book.  There are about 10 more things from that book I’m wanting to make.  All in good time.

12 thoughts on “Jumping in with both feet

  1. Mrs. Heidmann

    That plum is one of my favorite colors. Can’t wait to see the fair isle skirt! Not being a knitter, that kind of pattern seems impossibly complicated to me. I applaud your super-powers of concentration! 😀 Looking forward to visiting here regularly.

  2. ~*~ Jennifer ~*~

    Well — of all things… one more blog to add to my roll. I think I have too many rolls… what thinketh though… or is that too many blogs? Too many… something.. probably calories. ::giggle::

    GREAT PLACE ya got here!! Ü


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